Moeller Ice Station Zero Ice Chest Coolers | Made in The USA
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Moeller Coolers


Moeller Ice Station Zero Ice Chest Coolers

Arctic Technology Break-Through

Ice-Station Zero with Arctic Technology is the latest break-through in portable cooler engineering. Ideally suited for fishing, camping, hunting, or any outdoor activity where rugged durability and long-term cooling is a necessity. Our sturdy ice-chest is the perfect companion for every sportsman and outdoor enthusiast.

  • High impact, seamless, Arctic White MDPE double-walled construction that withstands sitting, standing, and environmental punishments

  • Each lid seal undergoes a 24 hour pressure fitting process to ensure the best seal possible

  • Seaworthy design provides longer life with corrosion resistant stainless steel hinges and T-nut fasteners that hold the lid secure

  • Higher R value insulation retains the cold longer

  • Resilient, FDA approved polyethylene won't absorb or transfer odors; no more fishy smells to worry about

  • Specially formed insulating foam is a moisture resistant, thick-celled latticework that keeps the inside temperature where you need it warm or cold

  • Secure cam-latch closures keep lid closed tight, reducing heat leakage.

  • Stout rope handles allow easy toting

  • Stout adhesive bumper pads are provided to help prevent sliding on deck surfaces

  • Zero drain design completely empties liquid

  • Dual drains are standard for simpler, hassle free cleaning

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